When I review websites for many of my clients, they have a blog but they are not visually appealing. Nothing compels you to continue reading.

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You’ve probably heard that content is king. While it’s true that quality content is essential, today, those who blog need to consider other elements of the digital space to gain traction in an overcrowded market.

Blogs can be a useful tool for relaying information, developing a loyal customer base, creating a platform for your freelance work, building a brand, and asserting yourself as an authority in your field. However, to achieve any of these goals, your content must be seen by the right people. The creation of eye-catching images is an effective method to help you get noticed.

Continue reading to discover why your blog needs visually appealing graphics.

Build Brand Awareness

Maybe you are a designer and people hire you to design their new living or dining room.  You would then determine the colors, typography, symbols, logo, and other elements that lend themselves to creating such the feel your clients to experience when they come to your site.  By using these elements consistently when you post anywhere online, you are building brand awareness. Each time someone sees your site or products and are exposed to these visual representations, they will begin to recognize that as you.  That is called branding.


It makes me think of the show Say Yes To The Dress.  When a bride tries on a dress, you will hear her ensemble many times say “that’s not you.”  Other times they will say, “yes, that dress is all about who you are.”  While a bride isn’t trying to brand herself by the way she dresses, people know that what she wears reflects who she is.

Your website is like that dress.  People will recognize it as you and what you stand for.

Your blog content will solidify your expertise, but in a way that makes your website, visitors want to read it.

Appear Professional

Adding graphics that incorporate elements of your brand also makes your blog look professional. Be sure to choose high-quality images, rather than blurry photos or ones that appear overly promotional.

For example, we worked with a wedding boutique that posted poor quality photos of wedding dresses and veils.  After working closely with them and helping them get crystal clear photos, they started getting more likes, comments, and appointments.

We’ve all seen graphics that contain outdated photos, generic stock images but there is no need to use those when there are plenty of sites that provide access to images that are beautiful and professionally taken.

When using photos that you purchase from the web, make sure you have a license to use them for your site.  If you maintain sites for your clients, you will need to make sure you can legally use them for that purpose.

Get Shared

We live in a visual world.  We use our eyes to see the things that influence our reactions, our behavior, and even our decisions.  It’s because of this that photo-based marketing or what’s also called visual marketing is so crucial in your business.

Did you know photos can attract three times more traffic? And that people respond better to visuals than plain text?

Here’s what’s interesting. When you use photos and place quotes on them, they elicit emotion.

Infographics provide easy to digest content in a quick, visual manner. It makes sense that such images would be shared more readily than simple text.

Social media is one of the quickest ways your content can spread, and attention-grabbing graphics will surely boost the sharing. This is particularly true for a platform like Pinterest, Instagram that relies heavily on images.

Even on Facebook, images saw a 65% increase in engagement.

Our brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than text.  Think about it. When you are trying to learn something, isn’t it easier to see visuals rather than plain text?

The right images will not only help you get noticed but help others identify you with your brand.  

The Problem

The problem today is that everyone goes to these “free” stock photography sites and the next thing you know everyone’s blog post or Facebook ads for that matter look alike.

I’m sure you want to stand out from your competition.  You also don’t have a wallet filled with endless cash to find one of a kind photos that can set you apart.  Believe me, I feel your pain.

You also have to be careful that you have the rights to use the photos you download.  This can get pretty time-consuming.

What if there was a way to streamline the process where all you had to do was open up a file full of one of a kind photos that you can start legally using?

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

That’s exactly why I decided to open up my private photography vault and offer you the opportunity to gain access to 300  of my one of a kind photos that you can receive personal rights to.  

Here’s a sample of some of the photos:


Not only that but I’m also going to give you 200 Done For You Inspirational Photo Quotes.  The photos used in these quotes are also from my private photography vault, so they are not your everyday inspirational photo quotes.

Look at what else you will receive:

But there’s even more:

Want to get super creative?  I also have 900 quotes you can use and place them on the photos yourself.

When you go to this page now you will also get 30 Cinemagraphs to use!

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Use images to set you apart from everyone else in your industry, so start using them today.

Toni Nelson is an Award Winning Photographer and Videographer. Toni is the author of the Secret Equation To Attracting More Clients: Marketing+P Factor+Video=$$$ Service based business owners come to Toni because they know she can help them use video and other content marketing strategies to attract their ideal audience.


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