When it comes to chiropractic marketing strategies, there are many mistakes I see being made on a daily basis. For years I’ve been reviewing chiropractic websites.  It never ceases to amaze me how many sites are old, outdated and well, poorly designed, to say the least.

As someone who’s looked for chiropractic care over the years when I reach a chiropractor’s website, I want to feel like they will help me or my family member.  If I don’t get that feeling from their site, I leave and look for their competitor.  That’s just the plain truth.

Some sites I review for chiropractors it’s obvious that they get it.  I can tell they are looking to not only gain patients, but they care about them as well.

One way a chiropractor’s website stands out is by blogging.  This is one of the best chiropractic marketing strategies that many practices are using.

Blogging shows they take the time to educate and engage with their patients.

Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

Once I look at a Chiropractors website, the next thing I do is look at their Facebook page.

Here’s what I find

For those not blogging when they post and share a link to blog content, it’s not their own.  In essence, what you are doing is taking the time to get people to your Facebook page and then send them to someone else!  Does that really make sense?  As you continue reading, I want you to think about the fact that you should be the expert they go to for information

It’s a huge mistake to constantly send people to someone else’s site. You don’t want people leaving your Facebook Fan page and going to a site that’s not your own.

The solution

Chiropractic Marketing solutions

Start your own blog. You want your current and potential patients to view your practice as the go-to practice in your community.  Blogging and sharing your knowledge and expertise is a great way to build a lasting bond with patients.

Already have a blog?  Great but are you updating it on a regular basis? Are you sharing that content on Facebook?

We are going to discuss why this is so important for your practice.

As mentioned earlier your competitors are blogging but what you might not realize is that a blog can attract patients to your practice.

When it comes to marketing your chiropractic office, there are many layers involved.

Of course, you need a modern, fresh and updated website.  Layering a blog into that website can increase your website traffic and in turn, have the potential to increase your revenue.

Here’s How

For the sake of example let’s say someone is searching for headache relief.

How To Get More Chiropractic Patients

Think about it.  “Mark ” has frequent headaches.  He’s tried everything, and nothing works.  Then in his search for relief, he comes across a blog post that talks about chiropractic adjustments and how they can help.  Mark notices that the article is from a practice in his area.  Voila!  Mark calls and makes an appointment. Oh, but wait.  That wasn’t your blog post.  It was a blog post from your competitor.

But let’s look more in depth into what just happened.

First, this person had a pain point they were looking to get rid of.  They searched the web.  If your article was not there, but your competitor had one what would the outcome be?  They’d go to your competitor.

Your practice has to be seen as THE practice to go to for the solution to their problem.

When I ran my massage, therapy practice, I knew I had to have as many touch points in my marketing as possible.

The same holds true for you.

Your blog is a great tool for interacting with your patients. You can share stories, tips, information, videos, podcasts and more.

A key to making blogging really work for your practice is by making sure that you have a way to capture the names and emails of those finding and reading your blog post.

Having a list of patients allows you to send out related information about your practice. But I want you to think of this as a way to build a bond with your patients.  It’s about building a business relationship.  This is the biggest mistake I see made all the time.  We will talk about this in detail in another post.

What Your Blog Should Do

Your goal with your blog is to drive traffic back to your offline physical location, your practice.

Using tools such as video and podcasts is another marketing method for your business. Let’s say you start offering essential oils.  You could create a quick video (we can do that for you) about that product and how to use it. Then write a blog post about it to share with your patients. This is a much better alternative than paying for expensive ads.

Another idea for a video is highlighting your business. It is a fantastic way to allow your patients to have a look behind the scenes.

You could even pick an employee of the month and share something about them to make a connection with your patients.

All of these videos can be posted on your blog, where your patients can ask questions and leave comments. This can also give you insight into any problems or issues your patients are having. They may be looking for a specific type of exercise or product. Once you know this information, you can provide them with the solution.

Don’t make the mistake many other practices are making.  They think blogging isn’t valuable.  That it really doesn’t matter, but the fact that you are reading this blog post should help you realize that’s not the case.

Your patient is online every day looking for solutions to their problems.  Where are they finding those solutions?  From your competitors?

As you can see blogging for your chiropractic practice has many benefits.

The problem is finding the time to create those blog posts and videos.

Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

What if there was a way to create blog posts and videos that was completely hands-free?  Imagine having it all.  Blog posts and even videos if you like.

Well, the good news is that two of the marketing strategies we at Toni Nelson Means Business offer is blog content and video creation.

We know how important it is to not only attract patients but keep them coming back and better yet tell their friends and family about you.

Building a thriving practice is about creating the right chiropractic marketing strategies.  When we partner with Chiropractors, we make sure you have a solid base to build upon.  This makes for long-term growth.

You need to keep the lines of communication open with your patients.  Keep your practice on their radar by having blog posts that educate and engage.

Contact me: 941-662-0022, so we can help you with Chiropractic marketing strategies to grow your practice.

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