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Local SEO

SEO aims to increase a business’ visibility to a targeted audience, but local SEO takes targeting even further.  By focusing on customers and prospects in a specific area local SEO can drive traffic to websites and physical establishments, which, in turn, makes it possible for a business to gain an edge against local competitors.

Dentists, Chiropractors, retail stores, restaurants, law firms etc. can benefit from local SEO



We follow the same methodology as with organic search, but with a few changes- citation and listings building, etc.  We don’t stop until your business is in the Snack Pack.

You will get a combination of marketing tactics that will impact the foot traffic of your business.

An effective local campaign requires a combination of geo-targeted optimization and content marketing, business listings and backlinks, and user-generated reviews.

Your local campaigns may also benefit from our social media services, which will cover your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  We keep these listings and pages updated. 

Targeting Local Markets With Content

Content marketing for local campaigns requires the same amount of creativity and quality for any other SEO campaign, but there needs to be a stronger emphasis on calls to action, influence marketing, and topics relevant to the business location.

Our writers create content based on what’s relevenat to your business and your location.
Writing about local trends or even area-specific laws that are related to your industry is always a good way to establish your authority as an information resource.
Our writers don’t just sell or announce our products and services; they encourage customer loyalty and create brand advocates.
These customers who love your brand can promote them through word of mouth by sharing content on social media.
We use schema markup to make sure your websites’ local content is correctly identified by search engines. This includes information such as your local business information, Map Schema, production information Schemas, images and logo Schemas

Building Quality Citations

Quality backlinks is an important aspect of any SEO campaign, but citations are even more important for  local SEO.  Citations are brand mentions

Some of The Most Important Types of Citations:

Quality backlinks is an important aspect of any SEO campaign, but citations are even more important for  local SEO.  Citations are brand mentions

Social or Blog Content that encourages brand advocates and local influencers to talk about you in their blogs and social media accounts. 


Business Listings and Reviews: Listings in business directories, local networks, and review sites in themselves are citations.  Managing these listings and getting more customers/patients to post positive reviews of your business can add more citations.

Guest Posts and Guest posts and Magazine Publications  Getting other people to write about your business in an online magazine or publishing your own articles and press releases can increase your exposure and establish your brand as a leading authority in your niche. 



Our SEO Packages Include:

Citation building and link development services to help get your brand’s name mentioned in social media, online publications and all the above.

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