The other day I was watching the show Let’s Make A Deal.

As each contestant came to the stage Wayne Brady asked them what they did for a living.  One person said they worked in technology.  Wayne wanted more information and he said, “what does that mean?” The person could not explain what he did.  Then Wayne went to the next person.  The woman could not explain what she did.  What I found fascinating was that when I looked back at other episodes the same thing happened.  People could not explain what they did for a living.

You may not be on a game show, but you might be at an event, party, or the grocery store when someone asks you what you do. You’ll need to answer that question effectively within 60 seconds otherwise people will not be interested.  As a matter of fact, as one of the contestants struggled to explain what they did Wayne went to the next person.  In other words, he was not waiting for an answer that should have come easily to the person. That’s why you will need to prepare an elevator speech.

There are 6 questions you will need to answer to craft your elevator speech

Pro Tip: It might be helpful if you write them on a 3×5 card or you use your iPad, MS Word or Trello to help you organize your answers. You want to be able to mix and match the answers you create into an easy format that you can use every time.

Question Number One

* Who Are You? – This is simply your name and maybe a random fact related to your audience and business as well. “Hi, I’m (Your Name), and I take away people’s pain.”

Question Number Two

* What Do You Do? – Add more of what you do, remember to frame it from your audience’s perspective. If you state “I’m a graphic designer” no one really knows what that is. You could create websites, you could develop logos, create videos – there is so much that could happen under the label of “graphic designer”.  Be very specific about what you do concerning the benefits you’re providing someone.

Question Number Three

* Who Do You Do It For? – Knowing who your audience is will also help tremendously when preparing your elevator speech. You want everything you say directed toward them so it’s important that you can name who they are within the elevator speech. “Hi, I’m (Your Name), and through my company Widget XYZ, I help lower back pain sufferers overcome their pain while designing deeply satisfying lives.”

Question Number Four

* Why Do You Do It? – You might want to add in something about your why. Right now, just answer why you do it. “For years I suffered from lower back pain that doctors could do nothing about.” “My mother suffered from pain for many years.” Whatever you’re why is, try to describe it in one sentence.

Question Number Five

* What is Your USP? – A USP is a unique selling point or proposition. This requires that you understand who your competition is and how you’re different. Adding into the elevator speech what differentiates you from the competition is a must. “For years I suffered from lower back pain until I discovered, through my company’s product Widget XYZ, how to end it once and for all without using prescription pain medication or spending tons of money on physical therapy.”

Question Number 6

* What’s Next? – Always provide some way for them to contact you. Make a freebie offer right there in person. Give them your card with a QR code leading to a landing page just for people you meet in person to take you up on an introductory offer.

Finally, you want to create a hook to bring them in as well as put it all together in a conversational manner. You don’t want to sound robotic or overly prepared, it should seem as if you’re simply talking but that you know your stuff and what you do. You can use this speech many times in many ways throughout your business – including on sales pages, in marketing literature, and in conversations, you have with others at any event.

Would you like a way to help you craft your elevator pitch?  Then download this post along with the accompanying workbook.

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