Are you a dentist looking to generate more leads for your practice?  Most dentists will say the same thing.  The hardest part of their job is getting new patients into the chair.

Sound Familiar?

Here are 5 strategies that have worked for other dentists.  With a little effort they can work for you too!

1.  Local SEO

What good is a website if no one can find you?

Make sure your Google My Business profile is claimed and completed with your business info and images.  If you need help with that contact me at 352-448-4-7019.

Next, you will want to sign up for as many local listings like Yelp, Angie’s List and others to help boost your Google My Business Rankings.

Google My Business also enables you to share blog posts which when SEO optimized can also help with your rankings which means it gets easier for people to find your practice.

2.  Reviews

Getting reviews on your Google My Business and Yelp will help increase your conversions.  If people are happy with your service, they’ll most likely be willing to leave a review.  That won’t happen however unless you ask so make sure before the patient leaves you to remind them to please give you a review.

3.  Facebook Ads

Facebook has a fairly new advertising platform called Local Awareness Ads.

These ads are perfect for local dentists who are looking to draw more local foot traffic into the practice because it allows you to set a local radius around your business and only target people in the area!

If you don’t know how to run Facebook Ads no worries we have you covered.  As a matter of fact, we have ads that are proven to bring in leads so let’s get together on the phone for a quick 15-minute call so I can explain how it works.

4. Patient Reminders

Do you want to cut down the number of cancelations each month?

There are programs such as Demandforce and Lighthouse 360 that can decrease the number with features like automatic text message and email reminders.  But they come at a cost.  Of course, you could do it the old fashioned way too.

5.  High Converting Website

Most dentists overlook this and I believe I know why.  Your website is the face of your business online.  If your website is not set up to be a lead generating machine it won’t convert.  A website optimized for conversions will generate as much as 3 times as many patients per month!

Making your website a lead generating machine is a topic I’ve been asked to speak about at events.

One of the problems I’ve seen is that many dentists websites cannot be customized because they are from a company that uses templates.  This can be an easy and inexpensive way to get your website up and running but it can also cost you money because SEO strategies cannot be easily implemented and they aren’t designed to be lead generating machines.

If you’ve tried ads and they don’t perform as well as you’d like this could the major reason.

If you are ready for a new website call me at 352-448-7019.

Want to take your dental practice to the next level?  Then apply these strategies and you will start to see your efforts pay off.

Interested in a no obligation phone session (we can even video chat) to see what we can do to get the phone ringing in your business?  Call me at 352-448-7019

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