Most business owners will tell you that they hate selling.  Even salespeople will tell you that they don’t like selling.

But here’s the thing.  At one time or another, every business owner must engage in selling. You must sell your products, your services, and yourself if you want to get  to ahead in the world. That’s just the way things are. The good news is that you don’t have to sell yourself out to start selling professionally right now.

Know Your Audience

Keep studying your audience, the problems you solve, your solutions, and your industry. Every single day, you want to increase your knowledge in these areas. The more you know, the less anxious you’re going to feel stating what you know when questions come in. Plus, when you insist on dealing with facts instead of opinions, you feel more confident.

Be Patient

If you’ve built out your sales and marketing funnel and are doing what it takes to drive traffic to your landing pages, build your email list, and grow your brand, the fact is sales will happen. You’ve studied your audience, you’ve developed products and content based on the knowledge you’ve gained so now you can truly keep moving forward and know that sales will happen.

Control Your Own Story

Don’t give control of your story to anyone else. When it comes to building your branding, sharing your work, and commenting on important topics of the day based on your viewpoints (which are based on facts), you can be confident that what you share is good information that your audience wants and needs.

Ask Questions

One way to sell to people is to ask them questions that are open-ended and require them to give thoughtful answers. You’ll first want to frame things in a way that the answer is related to the question and your niche, but after that when you ask the questions, their own answers will help lead them toward your products and services.

Make Offers

Don’t stop making offers. Offers are direct selling, but there is nothing wrong with offering your own audience your offers. The more offers you make, the more conversions you’ll make, but you have to keep making offers every single day to really make a difference. Let your sales pages speak for themselves along with your service or product.

At some point, if you really want to be successful, you’ll need to understand and believe deep in your heart that what you are doing is going to make a difference to your audience.

You are a problem solver. You solve the problem your audience has. If you weren’t there, they might never trust someone else enough to follow their advice. Because of that, if it’s not you, will it be someone else or no one? When you realize that by not selling, you’re being selfish hiding what you have to offer, you’ll get much bolder at doing it and realize you have no reason to shrink back from selling.

The key is to believe in your product or service.

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